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Flexo Printing Machine

Flexo Printing Machine (1,2,4,6 & 8 Color)

Cherng Horng Machinery are professional manufacturer which mainly trade in Flexo Printing Machine, including 1 Color Flexo Printer (In-Line), Two-Colors Flexographic In-Line Printing Machine , Four-Colors Flexographic In-Line Printing Machine, 2 Color Flexographic Printing Machine, 4 Color Flexographic Printing Machine, 4 Color Flexographic High Speed Printing Machine, 6 Color Flexographic Printing Machine, and 8 Color Flexographic Printing Machine.


  1. This machine is suitable to printing of rolling paper. Packing paper glass paper, P.P., P.E. and polystyrene bags.
  2. Robust construction minimizes space occupied and enhances productivity.
  3. Using hydraulic system to set the printing plates, it is easy and accurate. There will be no defects when starting and stopping the machine.
  4. The built-in impression counter can be presented and stops the machine automatically when the desired quality of prints is acquired, and starts again on reset.
  5. The throw-off or on action of printing cylinder is hydraulically operated. The interlocking mechanism keeps the inking rolls running to avoid drying of ink on such rolls, accomplishing the throw-off of printing cylinder.
  6. Using a hot-air dryer and a cold-air fan simultaneously, it makes the production more speedy. The dryer and fan will shut down automatically when the machine stops, it makes this machine more safe.
  7. The built-in stops the machine automatically.
* Remark: One complete set of printing roll in any size between 71/2"-15" is supplied free of charge, extra roll as option.


Cutting-Edge Flexo Printing Machines

When it comes to high speed printing machines, Cherng Horng’s latest range of flexo printing machines are all very high quality indeed. With a full range of products which includes, double color printing machines, tower extrusion machines and even full production line printing machines, their range of products is very diverse.

With their ability to custom design machinery in line with customer requirements, you will be sure to find a flexo printing machines that meets any exacting requirements. Furthermore, through continued efforts in developing flexo printing machines that incorporate the latest technologies, you can be guaranteed to receive products that are highly-efficient and always deliver the highest printing quality over a long service life. Check out Cherng Horng’s selection of high performance flexo printing machines to see which products best suit your requirements.

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